Welcome to Passive House Northwest!

PHnw is a community of Certified Passive House Consultants and others involved with high-performance building. Our goal is to promote highly energy efficient construction through implementation of the passive house concept. We are motivated by the long-term protection of the environment and climate; the promotion of sustainability, quality, and durability in building construction; the creation of a built environment that is healthy for its inhabitants; and the advancement of energy independence and the reduction of operating costs for building occupants and owners.

Passive House is the world's leading standard for energy efficient construction. It combines building enclosure efficiency and passive solar strategies in a system for designing and building cost effective, comfortable, energy efficient buildings. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in projects in every climate zone around the world, ranging from single family homes to very large commercial and institutional structures. More than 50,000 examples have been completed worldwide.

Call for Projects
Please join the 13th annual International Passive House Day Tours, November 11 - 13 (Friday-Sunday), the world’s premier free Passive House building outreach and public education event.

This year’s Passive House Days celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world’s first Passive Houses.Please help us raise awareness by opening your Passive House buildings for tours by design and construction professionals and/or the public.  

If you are interested in participating, please contact info@phnw.org so that we can include your Passive House building.   
We also need volunteers to guide tours, so please contact info@phnw.org if you can help. Thanks!


Spokane Passive House Conference
Friday, November 18 - Red Lion Inn at the Park, Spokane, WA

Please join us Friday, November 18th for the first PHnw conference east of the Cascades!  We’re bringing together regional governments, utilities providers, developers, and the design and construction community to discuss high-performance, low-energy passive house buildings - big and small - within the inland region.

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