January Newsletter                                                                                                  January 30, 2018      

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  1. President's Message
  2. 2018 PHnw Annual Conference
  3. Courses with Adam Cohen
  4. A Window on the Future - Workshop for High Performance Windows
  5. Heat3 Course in Toronto
  6. Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification

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 Spring Conference March 29th and 30th

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Designing and Building a Successful Design/Build Business 

Heat3 Course in Toronto


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January President's Message

Greetings fellow high-performance building advocates,

2017 was a historic year where we educated, advocated, and advanced the principals of energy efficient design. It is essential our work continue on both sides of the mountains as we work to provide solutions to the many problems facing us today.

If you want...

  • To promote the long-term protection of the environment and climate;
  • To support our goal of promoting sustainability, quality, and durability in building construction; 
  • To help actualize the advancement of energy independence; then

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One of the most important ways we strengthen our community is through our membership in Passive House Northwest. By renewing your membership you support the Passive House Northwest mission and also receive some excellent benefits, like a reduced registration rate for our events.

Speaking of events... Please join us March 29-30 in Olympia, WA, for our 8th annual Passive House Conference! This informative event will have some truly excellent content with speakers covering a wide range of topics, vendors showcasing the latest-and-greatest in building innovation, and a chance to network with some of the pillars of the green building community.

Keep an eye on our website for more conference updates!


Tim Weyand
Passive House Northwest


 2018 PHnw Annual Conference

This spring, Passive House Northwest is excited to present our ninth conference.  Mark your calendars and join us March 29-30, for a conference brimming with exceptional content:

  • Advanced-level and introductory workshops Thursday morning
  • Main conference Thursday afternoon and all-day Friday, with three tracks of expert speakers

When: March 29th & 30th
Where: Hotel RL in Olympia, Washington

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Speaker Spotlight
We’re excited and honored to have Kate Gordon, Senior Advisor at the Paulson Institute, share her keen insights into the critical overlap of climate change and economic growth, making the clear case that U.S. economy can’t afford to ignore climate change.

Kate Gordon is a Senior Advisor at the Paulson Institute, where she provides strategic support on issues related to climate change and sustainable economic growth. She is also a nonresident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal as one of the paper’s “Energy Experts.”

Gordon is a nationally recognized expert on the intersection of clean energy and economic development. Before joining the Paulson Institute, she was the Founding Director of the “Risky Business Project,” co-chaired by Michael Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, and Tom Steyer, and focused on the economic risks the U.S. faces from unmitigated climate change. Gordon took on this project in her role as Senior Vice President for Climate and Energy at Next Generation, a non-partisan think tank based in San Francisco, where she worked on California policy development as well as large-scale national communications and research projects.

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Courses with Adam Cohen

Nationally recognized as a leader in the Passive House movement, Adam Cohen’s leadership in commercial Passive House design has made him a highly sought-after speaker, consultant, and teacher of advanced courses in Passive House ultra-low energy design and construction. His expertise has been featured at conferences and educational events around the world.

Adam Cohen Course Credits:

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 24 LU/HSW
  • PHIUS: 12 Continuing Education Credits DB Business
  • American Institute  of Architects (AIA): 14 Learning Units

Designing and Building a Successful Design/Build Business

When: Wednesday January 31st - Thursday February 1st, 2018
Where: Earth Advantage classroom (Portland, OR)

Read more here.

A Window on the Future - Workshop for High-Performance Windows

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, 2pm-6pm - Hear from our Panel of Envelope Professionals and Window Vendors. Then join the collaborative conversations to crystalize what you learn.

The Wood Technology Center of Seattle Central Community College 2310 South Lane Street, Seattle, WA

Windows hold a key place in our homes and work places as they connect us to the outdoors, illuminate our daily life and protect us from heat and cold.  How are thermal comfort, solar gain, cold air drafts, and heat loss managed by the physics of glazing, glass coatings, window frame design and window installation?  Learn from major window companies how to plan and design for the future of your living space and whether you need new windows or want to restore and improve existing windows. Get a new outlook for your Window on the Future.


A Professional from RDH Building Sciences present the principles of achieving high performance windows.

Evan Anderson, ZOLA Windows, Senior Project Manager & Head of Pacific Northwest Division

Craig Maierhofer, ALPEN Windows, Vice President of Business Development

Patrick McMahon, SIGA Cover Inc., SIGA Sales Manger Western North America

Participation encouraged! Contribute your questions, creativity and knowledge.

To reserve a spot go to: http://www.phnw.org/a-window-on-the-future.

$19  in advance or $29 at the door; Register to ensure admission.

More on our website: http://www.ecobuilding.org/events ; Talk with us on NW EcoBuilding Guild’s Facebook page.

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Heat3 Course in Toronto

As building codes across North America gradually tighten requirements on the building envelope performance, the importance of mitigating thermal bridging is increasing.  For instance, in the soon to be released update to the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), the thermal bridge effect of structural penetrations, shelf angles, anchors, and ties, among other elements, can no longer be ignored.

Dates: Monday Feb 12 to Tuesday Feb 13, 2018
Venue: Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Ave, Toronto
Time: 9AM-5PM

For further course details and to register, visit our website.


Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification

Peel School of Passive House is a leading provider of Passive House training courses. We have spent countless hours refining our courses to provide you with high quality material that will advance your Passive house knowledge and skills quickly and efficiently.

In this online course, participants will learn how to use the PHPP for residential building design and certification. Participants will be guided step-by-step through the relevant worksheets, while learning the correct conventions for measurements and calculations. Proper documentation will also be covered in detail. A case study will provide participants with practical experience in completing and documenting PHPP calculations for building certification.

Registration: For further details and to register,
visit: https://www.passivehousetraining.ca


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