October Newsletter                                                                                                      October 20, 2017      

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  1. President's Message
  2. PHnw Boise Fall Conference
  3. Join the 20 by 2020 Building Challenge
  4. PHnw Helps Launch Zero Net Carbon Building Alliance

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Oct 27 - PHNW Fall Conference


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October President's Message


Autumn is here and with it rainy and cold weather, and this November, elections.  There are over 3,000 local elections happening across Washington, many in the inland Northwest.  These elected officials, many new to elected office, will make a myriad of decisions about our built environment.  To set the stage for wider adoption of the Passive House concept and improvements in design and building codes, the PHnw leadership is meeting with elected officials to introduce them to high performance building. 

As a leader in high performance building, you already know that Passive House is the world’s leading standard for energy efficient construction; unfortunately, the concept is not yet widely understood by our elected officials.  We are working to change that, one meeting and one conference at a time.

You already support these efforts through your PHnw membership.  Now we need you to bring your voice and your energy to the PHnw Fall Conference at the Boise Residence Inn, Friday October 27.  The last day for discounted early registration is October 20, so REGISTER NOW for the best pricing.

Whether it is rainy and cold, or snow is blowing, I will be at the PHnw Fall Conference, so please take a moment to find me and say ‘hi.’  I am looking forward to the edication and discussion about high-performance, low-energy passive house buildings within the inland region; but, most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting you.

See you at the conference!!

Tim Weyand
Passive House Northwest

Annual Passive House Northwest Fall Conference

Please join us Friday, October 27th in Boise for the second annual PHnw conference east of the Cascades! 

We’re excited about our lineup of presenters!

  • Chris Higgins, Green Building Planner, City of Vancouver
  • Zack Semke, Chief Marketing Officer, NK Architects
  • Mike Steffen, Director of Innovation, Walsh Construction
  • Katy Hollbacher, P.E., Principal + Founder, Beyond Efficiency
  • Maren Longhurst, Project Manager, Building Science Coordinator, Sam Rodell Architects
  • Allison Kwok, Ph.D., University of Oregon
  • Lindsay Rasmussen, Research Associate, Architecture2030
  • John Rockwell, Technical Sales Engineer, Zehnder America
  • Nathan Sikes, Technical Sales Representative, Cascadia Windows and Doors
  • Scott Yribar, Co-Founder, Enerform
  • Skylar Swinford, Energy and Enclosure Consultant, Energy Systems Consultants


Thank you to our sponsor:


Join the 20 by 2020 Building Challenge!

Passive House Northwest is proud to announce the 20 by 2020 Building Challenge in King County, presented in partnership with community partners King County Green Tools, Housing Development Consortium, and The Bullitt Foundation.

The Goal:

20 Passive House projects, of 20,000 square feet or larger, under construction in King County by year 2020. PHnw and 20 by 2020 organizers are working with local jurisdictions to pursue Passive House for their own projects, and create incentives for Passive House development in the marketplace.

Join the Challenge by pledging your project! For more information, email PHnw Policy Committee Chair Zack Semke at [email protected].

PHnw Helps Launch Zero Net Carbon Building Alliance

We know that buildings must play a starring role in climate solution-making in order to keep global warming to “well below 2 degrees Celsius.” A growing consensus is emerging that all new buildings need to be “Zero Net Carbon” (ZNC) by 2030, and all existing buildings must be ZNC by 2050, to reach our climate action goals. To this end, PHnw is co-organizing a new coalition of green building advocates, climate action organizations, and mission-driven businesses: the Zero Net Carbon Building Alliance. While the Alliance’s diverse organizations each have their own unique approach to sustainable construction, we share common ground (alarm about the climate crisis) and common cause (a ZNC built environment), that will allow us to speak policymakers with a common voice.

Read more here.

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