June Newsletter                                                                                              June 30, 2017      

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  1. President's Message
  2. Small Planet Supply Workshop
  3. More New Resources
  4. Launching the PHNW Directory
  5. Oregon Building Code Update
  6. 2017 New Gravity Housing Conference
  7. Register: NAPHC2017
  8. PHIUS WUFI Workshop
  9. Growth in Passive House Buildings

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July 8&9 - Small Planet Supply Workshop, Vancouver, BC

August 10 -Small Planet Supply Workshop, Vancouver, BC

Sept 27 - Oct 1 - North American Passive House Conference

Oct 4 - Oct 8 - NAPHN17


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June President's Message


Summer is officially upon us, and record heat waves are already taking hold. A recently released study anticipates that by 2100, 75% of humanity will face the threat of dying from heat unless carbon emissions plummet.

There is something we can all do!

This summer, when conversation (inevitably) turns to weather, heat waves, forest fires, and hurricanes, tell everyone about the passive house concept.

Mention that it's a proven way to reduce global carbon emissions by 40% or more, provide healthy living space, and secure future energy savings. It's storm resilient, beefs up power grids, and is more affordable than building-as-usual in the long run.

People are understandably worried about the US federal government's position on climate change. Let them know that we are all global citizens as well as local ones, and that there's a larger movement going on that they can be a part of: Passive House is a global standard, with global collaboration, and will soon become a key part of the international agreed pathway to rolling back climate change. It's a way to focus on a hopeful future for everyone by everyone.

Tell people. Tell everyone. Talk to your families, friends, coworkers, representatives, people on the bus. Tell them there IS a better way to move forward. Tell them it's cost effective, will save them money, that they can be energy independent. Make sure that everyone you know, knows the answer to "How can I help turn around climate change?"  - Passive House, of course!

It's just a better way.

Tim Weyand
President, PHNW


Small Planet Supply Workshop: Vancouver BC - Saturday July 8th  - All day

Vancouver Airtightness Training
When: July 8th - 9AM - 4:30PM - $350 CAD
Instructor: H.O.W. Workshop Staff

Developed by the HANDS ON WORKSHOP series partners: City of Vancouver, RDH Building Sciences, and Small Planet Supply, this all day workshop is designed to help builders meet the Vancouver airtightness requiqement of 3.5 ACH50 for Part 9 (SFR) buildings. This is an all day "hands on" workshop.

Reserve your spot


More New Passive House Resources

By Tad Everhart

FXFOWLE Architects' new case study for Passive House tall residential buildings is detailed and convincing case that Passive House offers the following benefits for a typical NYC high-rise residential building: 85% reduction in heating energy and 47% reduction in primary energy.  With only 2.4% capital cost increase, the additional investment would be paid back in 24 year with a net present value $5.2M in savings over a 40 year life.

Read more here


Launching the PHNW Building Directory

If you missed the Spring conference, you missed some excitement! We were very pleased to announce the launch of the PHnw Building Directory, which is now live!

As part of our mission to promote Passive House in the Pacific Northwest, the Directory will help build momentum, bring the community together, and raise awareness of the benefits and viability of Passive House regionally, but this can only happen if you contribute your projects! Your work, your business, and the project team members will also benefit from exposure in the Directory, and the more we grow it, the greater the audience looking specifically for practitioners with Passive House expertise will be. The criteria for buildings to be added are:

  • submitting party must be a current PHnw member (this helps support the work we do)
  • the building must be located in the Pacific Northwest region
  • the building must have been modeled to either PHI or PHIUS protocol using the PHPP or WUFI Passive
  • its modeled performance must come reasonably close to meeting the targeted passive house standard
  • at least one blower door test must have been completed

Contact us at [email protected] to request a login in order to begin your submittal process. Thank you for all your work in advancing Passive House in the Northwest, for your support of PHnw, and for contributing to the new PHnw Building Directory

2017 Oregon Building Code Allows Ductless Range Hoods with Whole-House Ventilation Systems - Thanks to Benjamin Wolk-Weiss

Please give architect and Passive House designer Benjamin Wolk-Weiss of Zoetic Architecture a word of thanks.

Over the last year, Benjamin proposed, supported, and obtained an amendment to the Oregon residential building code that will save Passive House homebuilders in Oregon considerable time, money, and effort.

Read more here


2017 New Gravity Housing Conference: Climate Change and the Imperative of High Performance Affordable Housing

The reality of climate change will fundamentally alter the way buildings are designed, built and operated in the coming decades.  Building healthy, safe, and accessible places to live that will both limit and adapt to climate impacts is a key challenge for the 21st Century.  This two-day conference will explore the tools, techniques, and practices that the building community is using to address this challenge, focusing on multi-family Passive House and Net-Zero-Energy capable strategies in affordable housing. 

We received over 40 proposals for lectures from developers, architects, engineers, builders, and policy experts from around the country and will be releasing a preliminary schedule for the conference in the coming days.  Confirmed Keynote lectures by  Jonathan Rose (NYC), Zack Semke (Seattle), Lois Arena (NYC) and Sebastian Moreno-Vacca (Brussels) will raise a diverse and relevant set of issues meant to highlight the opportunity for HOUSING to address these most pressing challenges for our generation. 

Read more here


12th Annual North American Passive House Conference

Seattle, WA | September 27 - October 1, 2017


Register now for the Core Conference (Sept 29-30) at our discounted early bird rate! Only available through July 17! 

PHAUS Professional Level Members receive an extra 20% discount! Pre-Conference and Passive Projects Tour registration opening soon! Exhibitor & Sponsor info, extracurricular event schedule and more will be available soon.

Most events to be held at the official NAPHC2017 Hotel: The MOTIF in downtown Seattle. Reserve a room today in the discounted PHIUS Conference room-block.

If you submitted an abstract, please check your in-box for your acceptance status! RSVP is required to reserve your presentation slot. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.

PHIUS is Leading WUFI Workshops at the Building Simulation Conference August 5-9 in San Francisco

Building Simulation 2017 unites worldwide practitioners and researchers to share insights and info on the state of the art in simulation tools, applications, and new developments.

Our WUFI sessions will cover energy simulation, airflow and natural ventilation, thermal comfort, lighting and daylighting, acoustics, and more. 

  • WUFI® PASSIVE/PLUS DYNAMIC: ADVANCED PASSIVE BUILDING MODELING, with Instructor Prudence Ferreira, August 5-6 

Learn more at www.buildingsimulation2017.org

Growth in Passive House buildings: A sign of market transformation underway

There's a Passive House revolution underway. It might not be obvious to all of us working in the trenches to get one more ultra energy-efficient project built, one more sustainable building policy in place. But taking a step back, we can see evidence of a market in rapid transition, showing some of the tell-tale signs of a technology leaping from niche towards mainstream.

Read more here


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