November Newsletter                                                                                              November 17, 2016      

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  1. President's Message
  2. Spokane Passive House Conference
  3. Canada's Largest Passive House Green Building is Coming to Vancouver
  4. Two New Resources
  5. Katrin Klingenberg Delivers Keynote at 3rd China Passive Building Summit in Shanghai
  6. Breaking Ground on New Senior Housing in Corona
  7. PHIUS Certified Projects Earn up to 31.5 Points in LEED v4 for Homes
  8. With Passive House, Incentives Are All Carrot and No Stick
  9. Gorgeous and Light-Filled Passive House
  10. PHIUS+ 2015 Now an Approved Alternative Energy Performance Method in Massachusetts Code
  11. PHIUS is Hiring
  12. Call for Project Photos

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  • November 18: Spokane Passive House Conference (Spokane, WA)


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November President's Message

At this time of year our minds turn to gratitude and how to show appreciation for those that make a difference in our lives.  There are a few things that we at PHnw are grateful for.
We would like to thank everyone for their hard work putting together our first ever conference east of the Cascades. We are grateful to our vendors for coming to showcase all their amazing innovations and we are especially grateful to our sponsors. By sponsoring our event they help ensure the buildings of the future are energy efficient, with a reduced ecological footprint!  
If you haven't purchased your ticket for the Spokane PHnw Conference, you can do so here. This conference has a special introductory price for non-members, so everyone can attend at the member rate.
We are also grateful for our members. Your support makes it possible for us to continue to champion the passive house standard.
Thank you all.

Tim Weyand
President, PHNW

Spokane Passive House Conference

Friday, November 18, 2016 - Hotel RL by Red Lion Spokane at the Park - Spokane, Washington

Please join us for the first PHnw conference east of the Cascades!  We're bringing together regional governments, utilities providers, developers, and the design and construction community to discuss high-performance, low-energy passive house buildings - big and small - within the inland northwest region.  This exciting one-day conference will focus on strengthening regional expertise and awareness of passive buildings.

Click HERE to learn more and register.

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Canada's Largest Passive House Green Building is Coming to Vancouver

VANCOUVER / COAST SALISH TERRITORY - What do the low-carbon, ultra energy-efficient buildings of the future look like? Come see for yourself.

The Pembina Institute is inviting journalists to attend a media tour of a path-breaking green building under construction in Vancouver's Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood. The six-storey, 85-unit, market-rental residential building on East Hastings Street (two blocks west of Burnaby's city limits) aims to be Canada's largest building certified as achieving the Passive House standard.

Vancouver is leading the way with its new Zero Emissions Building Plan. With a federal announcement expected soon, we could see more of these low-carbon buildings across British Columbia and Canada.


Two New Resources
by Tad Everhart

Notes from New York is a thoughtful and useful guide on how to increase Passive House design and construction by Ken Levenson, co-founder of 475 High Performance Products and President of New York Passive House.

It's a breezy 26 minute presentation, but full of great insights.


Katrin Klingenberg Delivers Keynote at 3rd China Passive Building Summit in Shanghai

Katrin Klingenberg was invited to give the keynote address at Passive House Alliance China's 3rd China Passive Building Summit in Shanghai, with the explicit request to report on passive building progress in the US and on PHIUS' climate-specific standards. In light of the immense amount of development currently taking place in China, a country with a significant diversity of climates (many of them very similar to the US), yet with well over 4 times the population of the US, China's interest in the passive building work being done in the US is significant.

During a technical workshop on the day following the keynote, Katrin met with the group's leadership to assess how to facilitate continued collaboration between PHIUS and the Passive House Alliance China group going forward. We concluded the workshop with the Chinese passive building group in agreement to pursue further collaboration going forward and that PHIUS' role in that collaboration would be to help generate Chinese climate-specific passive building standards using the same methodology used for the DOE/NREL report.

For more information on the event and to stay tuned on the latest developments in this promising new partnership, read the full post on the Klingenblog (the official blog of PHIUS), and subscribe to the Klingenblog for future updates.

Breaking Ground on New Senior Housing in Corona

NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, the Office of Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, and the Department of City Planning joined the Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee (HANAC), Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise), LiveOn NY, Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland and community members on the morning of October 25 for the groundbreaking of HANAC's Corona Senior Residence, a new 68-unit affordable housing apartment building for seniors designed by think! Architecture and Design. Located at 54-17 101st Street in Corona, the building will meet the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Standards for Energy Star Certification as well as the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, and will also be the first affordable senior housing development in the United States to meet the Passive House Institute design standards.


PHIUS Certified Projects Earn up to 31.5 Points in LEED v4 for Homes

In continuation of the themes of synergy between USGBC and passive house, USGBC just approved a ruling whereby projects certified by PHIUS automatically earn 20 points in LEED v4 Homes EA Credit Annual Energy Use. Also, because of the requirement of PHIUS+ residential projects to also certify to the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program, projects earn an additional 11.5 points and meet a number of prerequisites as well.
With LEED v4 now mandatory for all new projects as of November 1, 2016, this ruling is poised to have a huge impact on the mission to make passive building a mainstream market force. PHIUS certification is now a powerful pathway to earn points in USGBC's most rigorous standard to date, and one of the world's leading certification programs, thus extending the reach of passive building worldwide.

With Passive House, Incentives Are All Carrot and No Stick
by Zack Semke

This article was originially published in the Daily Journal of Commerce.

When I bought my Prius in 2010, the federal tax rebate for hybrid vehicles was a real win-win. The feds got one step closer to their fuel efficiency goals and I got my hands on an uber-efficient vehicle without breaking the bank.

The approach was simple: incentivize the purchase of a superior-performing product.

But imagine if that incentive had been structured differently. What if it depended on user behavior? What if I could be penalized later if my driving habits led to greater-than-modeled fuel use? Too many trips to the mountains? Foot too heavy on the gas pedal?


Gorgeous and Light-Filled Passive House

Passive homes are often criticized for being more about satisfying rigid and strict guidelines than about being a home to somebody. But thankfully, that is starting to change in recent times, as is clearly demonstrated by the so-called Tigh na Croit house recently built in Scotland. Just looking at the pictures I'd never guess this was a Passive Home, due to its modern design. It's spacious, full of natural daylight and must be quite comfortable to live in. it also recently won the Passivhaus award, given out by UK's Passivhaus Trust, in the Rural Category.


PHIUS+ 2015 Now an Approved Alternative Energy Performance Method in Massachusetts Building Code

Katrin Klingenberg spoke at the Passive House Massachusetts Symposium on October 15th in Boston about the next steps for further advancement of passive building in the state and region. The Symposium addressed the policy, practice and local projects that involve high-performance buildings that either meet the Passive House standard or come very close.

At the event Katrin discussed the recent announcement that Massachusetts has made PHIUS+ 2015 certification an Approved Alternative Energy Performance Method for commercial and residential projects along with ES V3.1 and RESNET in the energy portion of the state's base building code. Massachusetts legislators worked with the Building America report on climate-specific standards developed with PHIUS and verified that the PHIUS+ 2015 standard meets all industry standards according to the ES and DOE.

For residential language, see section N1106.1 (R406.1) through N1106.1.2 of the 780 CMR Chapter 51, Sub-Chapter 11 Energy Efficiency (Residential)
For commercial language, see section C407.6.1.1 through C407.6.1.5 of the 780 CMR Chapter 13 Energy Efficiency (Commercial)

PHIUS is Hiring!

It's an exciting time at PHIUS! We're seeing a rapid uptake of the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building standard, and growing participation in our professional and product certification programs as well. With all of this growth, we could use some help! We're very pleased to be able to announce that the following positions are now available. Please be sure to share with your networks and spread the word!

Development Director
Passive Building Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Research Director
PHIUS Certification Internship
WUFI® Passive Plug-In Development Intern

  Call for Project Photos

Do you have a Passive House project? Share it!
PHnw is looking for pictures of Passive House projects to include on our website.  If you would like to share your project on our rotating slide show, please email your picture to [email protected].

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