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June 18, 2015

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  1. President's Message
  2. Corkhaus
  3. 19th IPH Conference Highlights
  4. 10x10x10 Green Building Slam, call for submissions
  5. Register for the 10th Annual North America Passive House Conferenc
  6. WUFI Passive Update
  7. Dr. Rob Dumont, Ph.D. - Passive House Pioneer
  8. Internship Opportunity
  9. Upcoming Events


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President's Message

To build on last month’s message regarding outreach with similarly-aligned organizations, PHnw is proud to support the Build Local Alliance’s Summer Event (you likely received an e-flyer a few days ago), which features a Portland Passive House by Hinge Build Group.  The project goes low-carbon not just from its expected low-energy load, but also with its materials' embodied energy, including reused materials from the original house and by sourcing all new wood from Oregon forests (and as FSC-certified).

I’m also really excited for the Grand Opening of the Orchards next Monday!  With 57 units of affordable housing, it’ll be North America’s largest multifamily Passive House - a thrilling accomplishment, and in our own backyard.  Job well done, to all those involved (many of whom are members of PHnw)!

Details on both events are below.  Hope to see you there!

Michelle Jeresek

President, PHnw

Presentations from the recent PHnw6 Conference in Seattle are available online!  View them HERE.


Corkhaus – Albert and Eva’s Cork-Clad Condo

by Tad Everhart

Just shy of five years after Rob Hawthorne and Bart Berquist’s PDX Living LLC completed Corehaus, Portland’s first certified Passive House, Albert Rooks, owner of the Small Planet Workshop is nearing completion of his Corkhaus.

Albert has served on the board of directors of Passive House Northwest from its inception 5 years ago and provided incredible leadership within local, regional, and national passive house and green building communities including the NAPHN and the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild

With this EnerPHIt (Passive House Institute’s deep energy retrofit standard), Albert is walking his talk.  Both on energy consumption and green building.

Making the Move

Last year, Albert and Eva put their lovely countryside home up for sale.  This is sad in a way because we could always count on Albert and Eva to host PHnw board of director meetings in a lovely, comfortable setting in a space big enough for our 13 directors.  However, the sale liberated them.  No longer must they drive daily into Olympia from the countryside.  And it allowed them to downsize into a small condo.


Registration now open for the 10th Annual North America Passive House Conference in Chicago!

Earlybird discount through July 15

Leading policy makers, architects, builders, academics will present a chock-full program, with a special focus on multifamily affordable housing. 

Pre-conference workshops: September 9-10, 2015

Core Conference: September 11-12, 2015

Hyatt Regency Chicago

See pricing and registration

See preconference workshop schedule

See core conference schedule

WUFI® Passive 3.0

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) and Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) today announced release of WUFI® Passive 3.0 software, the most advanced passive house modeling tool on the market. With this major update, for the first time ever, a version of WUFI® Passive will be made available for download at no charge. The free version will enable users to model passive buildings for the purposes of design and PHIUS+ project certification.


Dr. Rob Dumont, Ph.D. - Passive House Pioneer

North American Passive House Pioneer Dr. Rob Dumont, Ph.D. passed away earlier this month in his hometown Saskatoon where he was famous for building several homes (including his own) which were warm all winter without a furnace.  Mr. Dumont collaborated with Harold Orr on the Saskatchewan Conservation House in 1977. 


19th International Passive House Conference Highlights

by Tad Everhart

Everyone takes something different away from a conference, but this photo of about one-third of the North American attendees inspired me that we are a growing part of an international Passive House movement.  And although this photo captures a specific time in space, by including Harold Orr and his wife with Dr. Feist and his spouse, Dr. Ebel and the younger generation of Passivists, we realize we are also party of a historical development.  It extends back almost 40 years to the Saskatchewan Conservation House which Harold Orr helped build in 1977.

Dr. Feist presents award to Harold Orr

 The best part of the Harold Orr receiving his Pioneer Award was his perspective looking back on the Canadians’ now-famous pioneering project.  Mr. Orr noted that although most of the fancy mechanical systems failed (solar thermal collectors were removed and the waste water heat recovery system produced a jelly of waste), the insulation is still working just as well as when it was installed.  That’s high praise for passive measures from the mechanical engineer for the project.


Seattle Chapter of the NW Ecobuilding Guild: 10x10x10 Green Building Slam, call for submissions

Ten Projects. Ten Slides. Ten Minutes.
This fast-paced event only happens because of the great sustainable projects that are created in this region.  This year why not submit your project?  We want to hear your inspirational stories, your knowledge (or “lessons learned”?) and your practical know-how.  

Here is how it works.  Submissions started May 26th and close August 21st.  Ten projects will be selected by industry experts from across multiple disciplines.  The selected projects will be presented at the Green Building Slam on October 24th.  Each presentation will last for 10 minutes and will include 10 images of your choice to illustrate your story.
- See more HERE.

Passive House Communications and Outreach Internship

Internship for a native English-speaking student with the International Passive House Association at the Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt, Germany.

In principle, duration is 6 months, but the position is open for a summer or semester internship.

No travel stipend, the intern is paid around 600 Euro per month (precise amount is based on student's status).

Upcoming Events

June 27

2015 Build Local Alliance Summer Event

June 29

Orchards at Orenco Grand Opening

September 9-13

10th Annual North American Passive House Conference - Chicago, IL

October 2

NWEBG Annnual Conference at the Impact HUB in Seattle


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