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April 3, 2015

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  1. President's Message
  2. PHnw6 Recap
  3. PHnw6 Presenters Featured in Treehugger Article
  4. Dylan Lamar on Design at PHnw6
  5. Design for Comfort
  6. AIA Seattle COTE Sustainability Slam
  7. CertiPHIers Cooperative
  8. Gunter Lang Completes NAPHN Tour
  9. Germany Oregon Energy Efficiency Symposium
  10. Upcoming Webinars


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President's Message

A big thank you to all attendees of last week's PHnw6!

It truly was the best event to date so thank you again for your attendance!

A big thank you to all attendees of last week's PHnw6 - it truly was the best event to date!  Also, a huge thank you to our sponsors and vendors, without whom this event would not have been possible.  And a personal big thank you to the incredible team of volunteers who put so much effort and care in preparing the event:  Joe Giampietro, Hayden Robinson, Albert Rooks, and Michelle Jeresek.

If you missed any of the presentations, we will soon make many of them available online, so please check the next newsletter for details.   We will also provide the video recording of interviews with presenters in the upcoming weeks.

Again, thank you for helping us making PHnw6 the great event that it was.

And mark your calendar for PHnw7 on February 25, 2016 in Portland!

Alex Boetzel
President, PHnw


PHnw6 Recap

Thanks everyone who participated in PHnw6! Please let us know what you liked, what you didn't, and what you'd like to see at PHnw7, next February, in Portland. You can reach us at [email protected].

This year's keynotes all received praise. Both Steve Hallet's Passive Houses, Efficiency Traps, and Some Unexpected Comments on Carbon and Lloyd Alter's In Praise of the Dumb Home discussed Jevons paradox - the theory that technologies that increase resource efficiency increase, rather than decrease, resource consumption. Lloyd Alter spoke on the pitfalls - and at times absurdities - of high technology in general, and smart technology specifically, demonstrating how simple, cheap, and effective beats the heck out of complicated, costly, and hyped, every time. Steve Hallet's lecture, comparing and contrasting efficient, productive, sustainable, and resilient, systems, gave particular reason to pause and reconsider what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why.

Design for Comfort: a Presentation from PHnw6

by Mike Steffen

Graham Wright presented on "Design for Comfort."  Graham's talk provided an analysis of the various standards used when designing buildings for human comfort and the differences between the methods and results associated with each standard.  The standards are: ASHRAE 55, ISO 7730, and EN 15251. Graham suggested that these standards - based on comfort metrics - provide much better design tools regarding human comfort, compared to tools based on energy metrics. Several case study design examples were reviewed. A particular area of emphasis was on the interplay of surface temperatures and air temperatures and how these impact comfort. Graham also noted that the use of fans to circulate air within the interior environment can be an important feature when designing for comfort; however, the design community is not taking full advantage of this strategy.

Gunter Lang completes North American Passive House Network tour in Portland and Seattle

Austrian Passive House expert Gunter Lang wound up a NAPHN-coordinated  eighteen day, eight city tour of North America with presentations in Portland and Seattle.

In Portland, Gunter gave three presentations of his “Wide & Tall: Passive House Districts & Skyscrapers” showing audiences entire city districts with every building designed and built to the Passive House Standard.  

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Germany Oregon Energy Efficiency Symposium

The German American Chamber of Commerce’s Germany Oregon Energy Efficiency Symposium is Tuesday, April 28 from 10am to 8pm at the Ecotrust Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, 721 NW 9th Avenue, Portland.

There will be both German and North American speakers and panels on energy efficiency.

And representatives of 8 German companies interested in business collaboration will be present including RAICO glazing systems, Zambelli metal roofing systems, and MILLCELL foam glass.

The event is free but requires registration.

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PHnw6 Presenters Featured in Treehugger Article

PHnw6 presenters Andrew Michler and Ken Levenson are featured in Lloyd Alter's article on foam free passive house design.

Andrew is also releasing the book Hyperlocalization of Architecture in May. Chapters include Cascadia and Passivhaus among the seven regions and 31 projects featured. The chapter [Germany Maintains] featuring Dr. Wolfgang Feist and Kustmuseum Ravensburg is avaible for free download at

Dylan Lamar on DesignPH at PHnw6

by Hayden Robinson

Dylan Lamar, of Green Hammer and CertiPHIers, demonstrated a step-by-step procedure for using DesignPH, a SketchUp plug-in, for exporting building and shading geometries to the PHPP. Using his notes and presentation, I've taken a shot at documenting the process. I've described the steps for modeling a very simple building, but they can be adapted for more complex forms.

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AIA Seattle COTE Sustainability Slam - April 22nd

AIA Seattle's Committee on the Environment will provide a chance to learn what's happening in the sustainable design community at the 2015 Earth Day Sustainability Slam, April 22, from 5:30 - 7:30, at 1400 Western Ave. Admission is free. Submissions are being accepted until April 7, and Passive House projects are encouraged. For more information, see their website.


CertiPHIers Cooperative provides another Passive House certification option

Albert Rooks and Tad Everhart, members of Passive House Northwest, have started CertiPHIers Cooperative, a locally-owned and controlled business certifying buildings to the Passive House Standard.

CertiPHIers will also offer instruction and training in PHPP, designPH, and Therm, and CertiPHIers sponsored Dylan Lamar’s designPH workshop during PHnw 6.

CertiPHIers also launched Tools For Everyone, offering PHPP at $69 to make it more affordable.

CertiPHIers is also recruiting Certified Passive House Designers and Consultants who are interested in contract work through CertiPHIers reviewing buildings.  If you are interested, please contact us at

Upcoming Webinars

Please register for any of the following webinars by going HERE.

WEBINAR: Passive building science for multifamily buildings - passive beyond the house
Monday, April 6, 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
1.5 CPHC CEUs + AIA (pending)

Presenter: Katrin Klingenberg
This session will explore the building science implications of achieving the Passive Building metrics for larger buildings and will highlight the difference in design strategies compared to single family Passive homes.

WEBINAR/TUTORIAL: WUFI Passive - Static Mode
Wednesday, April 15, 5:00-7:00pm CT

Presenter: Lisa White, PHIUS Certification Manager
This tutorial will lead you step by step through modeling a single family residential project into WUFI Passive static mode.

PART 1: PHIUS+2015 - The New Climate Specific Passive Building Standard for North America -  Katrin Klingenberg presenting
Monday, April 20, 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
1.5 CPHC CEUs + AIA (pending)
PART 2: PHIUS+2015 - The New Climate Specific Passive Building Standard for North America - Graham Wright presenting
Monday, May 4, 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
1.5 CPHC CEUs + AIA (pending)
This two part webinar series will review the new climate specific passive building standard developed by Building Science Corporation and PHIUS through a DOE grant as a new baseline for the PHIUS+/Zero Energy Ready Home program.

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