April Newsletter                                                                                                April 18, 2016      

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  1. President's Message
  2. NAPHN Conference Savings
  3. Passive House Standard Needed Now in Seattle Affordable Housing
  4. NAPHC Call for Papers
  5. More Free Passive House Resources and Information
  6. PHIUS+ Certification now an official option for Priority Green Expedited in Seattle
  7. PHIUS Developers' Webinar Series Continues!

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April President's Message

Spring delivers change, and true to this season, PHnw's Board of Directors is evolving and growing.  Thank you, members, for voting, in which you unanimously elected the following new directors:

  • Zack Semke from Hammer and Hand (Seattle).  Zack's title of 'chief evangelist' applies not only to his work at Hammer and Hand, but his efforts to promote Passive House.
  • Maren Longhurst from Sam Rodell Architects (Spokane).  Maren is a CPHC and augments the firm's strong capacity and commitment to high-performance design.
  • Scott Kosmecki from Hinge Build Group (Portland).  Scott is the current president of the Portland Chapter of PHAUS and recently completed a speculative Passive House retrofit in Portland.
  • Tim Weyand from NK Architects (Seattle).  Tim is a principal and CEO at NK Architects, one of the Northwest's leading champions of Passive House.
  • Beth Campbell from Birdsmouth Construction (Portland).  Beth is a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, but dug into our Passive House community immediately, helping behind the scenes with both International Passive House Days and our recent conference.
  • David Posada from the University of Oregon (Portland).  Formerly with GBD Architects, David designed the Kiln in Portland, a 19-unit Passive House project.

These six directors and their experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for Passive House will be a welcome addition to our Board.

You also voted to re-elect Alex Boetzel, Albert Rooks, Dan Whitmore, Tad Everhart, Graham Wright, Mike Steffen, and me, Michelle Jeresek.  We join incumbents Joe Giampietro, Jim Burton, Markus Kolb, Wayne Apostolik, and Josh Salinger for a stout head count of 18 directors.

Our Board's evolution also includes the unfortunate loss of two directors, Joanne Olsen and Hayden Robinson, who have both made important contributions to PHnw.

  • Joanne initially volunteered for the important but unenviable role of keeping the Board minutes for more than two years before even joining the Board as a director in 2014.  Joanne will continue to support regional sustainable building efforts as a director with the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.
  • Hayden merits special thanks for his role in founding PHnw.  In August 2009 he hosted Tad Everhart from Portland and Seattle Northwest EcoBuilding Guild members Jim Burton, Dan Whitmore, Wayne Apostolic, and Markus Kolb at his office where they first discussed founding a regional Passive House organization.  This group went on to formally found Passive House Northwest in 2010.  Hayden's deep commitment to Passive House is well-known, and he'll continue his work with the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN).

Many thanks to these directors, past and present, who take time from busy schedules to volunteer because of a shared belief that - in order to meaningfully address climate change - buildings must be built better, and that the best pathway is Passive House.

Michelle Jeresek
President, PHNW

NAPHN Conference savings: Save $46 when you register during the 46th Earth Week (4/18-22)

In celebration of the 46th Earth Day, NAPHN Conference registrations purchased during Earth Week (4/18-22) are discounted $46.

This discount can be combined with the NAPHN membership discount available to members of PHnw (and other organizations which are members of the NAPHN).

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Passive House Standard Needed Now in Seattle Affordable Housing
By Tim Weyand, AIA
CEO of Nicholson Kovalchick Architects

The confluence of environmental sustainability and social justice is mostly in the news these days around rising sea levels and indigenous populations.  Less obvious to many, perhaps, is that in our own communities, these issues meet in affordable housing.  As Seattle gets ready to deliver 20,000 units of new affordable housing, we should ask if it can match the kind of high quality, energy efficient, and low maintenance housing that everyone deserves.

Amongst a multitude of funding sources, most of the new affordable housing in Seattle will be underwritten with both Washington State Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) as well as the soon-to-be-implemented City of Seattle linkage fees.  These funding agencies, being strong proponents of social justice, should take note of recent successful affordable housing projects in Pennsylvania which have been able to provide high quality, healthy housing within state affordable housing budgets.


Call for Papers/Presentations open -- April 22 Submission deadline!
11th Annual N.American Passive House Conference
Philadelphia, PA | Core Conference: September 23-24, 2016

PHIUS is pleased to open the call for papers for #NAPHC2016. This year's topics as suggested by PHAUS members and our passive building community include, but are not limited to

  • Affordable Multifamily Passive Building Design | Development | Measured Data
  • Case Studies | New & Retrofit | All Climates with focus on actual measured performance data compared to modeled, actual built cost data
  • Mechanical Systems Design for Passive Houses & Buildings | All Types of Buildings, Climate Specific
  • Materials and Building Science | For new & retrofit applications
  • Design methodology, successful QAQC, business and market strategies

Link to submit: http://naphc2016.phius.org/call-for-papers/
Link to press release: http://naphc2016.phius.org/call-for-papers/

More Free Passive House News & Information
By Tad Everhart

There is so much happening that it is difficult to keep up, but here are a few free sources to help you keep up-to-date:

New York Passive House blogs almost weekly.  It includes articles and videos you will not see anywhere else, such a Mayor Bill de Blasio's speech at the groundbreaking for the 26-story Passive House Cornell Tech dormitory.

Passive House California provides a Google news feed that is an excellent sweep of media.  You'll find great stories about Passive House from other English-speaking countries. 

Read about more resources...

PHIUS+ Certification now an official option for Priority Green Expedited in Seattle!

PHIUS is very happy to announce that projects committing to achieve PHIUS+2015 Passive Building Standards will now qualify for a building permit incentive in the City of Seattle. PHIUS+ projects are now eligible for expedited permitting which is available for all new construction projects and gives owners/developers faster building permit review and processing for their projects.

If you are currently planning a passive project in Seattle, this is definitely a great incentive to get your project up and running sooner. PHIUS+ certification is in good company with other green building certifications such as Built Green for example. PHIUS+ Certification is the perfect energy plug-in that complements green building certifications.

For more information on how to get the process started, go HERE.

PHIUS Developers' Webinar Series Continues!

#4: Orchards at Orenco

April 28, 1pm PT | Earns 1 CPHC CEU, 1 AIA HSW

Presenters: Jessica Woodruff, Housing Director at REACH
Craig Kelley, Senior Project Manager with Housing Development Center

PHnw | 120 State Ave. NE, #303, Olympia, WA 98501 | (360) 867-8819