August Newsletter                                                                                                                August 25, 2015       

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  1. Keeping Up With the New Yorkers
  2. Keepin' Our Cool
  3. Net Zero Energy Buildings- Passive House + Renewables
  4. White House Lauds Passive House
  5. President's Message

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Keeping Up With the New Yorkers
By Tad Everhart

It’s getting harder to keep up with our peers at New York Passive House.  Not only are they well-positioned to have the world’s tallest Passive House in two short years, but NYPH just pulled off another major conference.

450 people attended and heard a wide variety of presentations from European leading regions like Brussels, New York City officials, local architects and builders working with a  variety of materials on substantially different types of buildings, and many others.

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Keepin' Our Cool
By Tad Everhart

Portland lost its cool today, Wednesday, August 12, 2015.  This is the third day in August with a high temperature of 90 or greater.  That means that we have tied the record of 90 or above days set in 2009. 

But wait; it’s only August.  In 2009, the record wasn’t set until September 22nd.  With 19 more days to go in a month that on average has slightly higher high temperatures than July, I’m confident we’ll break the record by the end of August.  And that still leaves September.

Warmer summers is likely a symptom of a changing climate.  A local fever in the global burning.  What can we do?

Well, it will likely make it easier to promote Passive Houses as PHnw did in 2014 when unseasonably warm weather allowed many of us to keep comfortable without turning on our heating systems before the International Passive House Open House Days the second weekend of November.

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Net Zero Energy Building- Passive House + Renewables

NAPHN's free flip book, Net Zero Energy Buildings- Passive House + Renewables, is available now! Free, printed copies for distribution are coming in October. Special thanks to local PHNW sponsors for supporting this flip book of beacon projects:

Small Planet Supply


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White House Lauds Passive House

On Monday, August 24, 2015, the White House lauded Passive House amidst news of federal, state, and private initiatives to increase energy efficiency. See the article HERE.

President's Message

The calendar’s quickly ticking towards autumn, and while many minds are awash in summer vacation (or maybe more accurately peeking out from under a pile of work), the PHnw Board of Directors has been busy behind the scenes.

Though our next conference, PHnw 7, is more than six months away, we’re shaping that event, including finalizing a venue and dates, and considering keynote speakers.  Stay tuned over the coming days for a quick survey regarding conference location - your input is important and appreciated!

And to build on last month’s message regarding PHnw’s support of both PHIUS and the Passive House Institute, the board is preparing to revisit PHnw’s Mission Statement.  This inclusivity is important enough to the board that we’ll soon consider modifications to the Mission Statement, with an eye towards aligning the written statement with our expressed intention of being a ‘big tent’ Passive House organization.   As you might expect, this issue may be tricky to navigate, so please be patient if progress is not immediate.

Beyond PHnw, the conference calendar is filled with exceptional events over the coming weeks, from NAPHC 2015 in Chicago, to NAPHN 15 in Vancouver B.C., followed quickly by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s NWEBG 2015 in Seattle.  I’m glad to be heading to all three, and will look forward to seeing fellow PHnw members there.

Onward -

Michelle Jeresek
President, PHnw

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