July 20, 2015       

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  1. PH Cuts a Ribbon in Oregon & Breaks Ground in NYC
  2. Seattle Low-rise Zones now have a Passive House Incentive
  3. Big Program for NAPHN15
  4. 10th Annual North American Passive House Conference
  5. President's Message

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Passive House Cuts a Ribbon in Oregon and Breaks Ground in New York City by Tad Everhart

Two June events show how far Passive House has progressed in the US. On June 25th, the Oregonian reported the ribbon cutting for the Orchards at Orenco Station, near Hillsboro, Oregon. The Orchards is the largest multi-family building designed and constructed to the Passive House Standard in North America.  It contains 57-units affordable to low-income renters.  Katrin Klingenberg, PHIUS Executive Director, traveled to the ribbon cutting, meeting with many members of PHnw. Read more here...

Seattle Low-rise Zones now have a Passive House Incentive

July 2015                                     
By Joe Giampietro, AIA, CPHC, NK Architects

Seattle Low-rise Zones now have a Passive House Incentive to add floor area:

Following diligent efforts over that last five years to inform, educate and advocate with City of Seattle staff about the benefits of Passive House design, Rob Harrison was successful in winning over Seattle Councilman Mike O’Brien to add Passive House PHIUS certification to the current Low-rise Zoning Code legislation update.  It was passed by city council on Monday, July 6th, with an 8-1 vote. 

This was a minor add to an otherwise hotly debated set of Low-rise zoning updates, but was a big move in the right direction of addressing building energy use in a practical and cost effective manner. Read more here...

Big buildings, Big program for NAPHN15

Designers and builders of mid-rise residential, affordable housing, schools and high rise Passive House buildings will be taking to the stage at NAPHN15, on October 1-2 in Vancouver, BC. Confirmed presenters include Dieter Herz (Germany), Scott Kennedy (Vancouver) and Mario Bodem (Germany) who will share case studies on projects built and in construction, and will be complimented with presentations on cold climate windows, envelope details, performance monitoring, making a business case for Passive House to name but a few! Read more here...

10th Annual North American Passive House Conference Schedule Set

The pre-conference workshops have been scheduled, including:

•    An all-day multifamily hootenanny where project teams will share lesson

•    A building science primer by Dr. Joe Lstiburek.

•    Renewables and passive buildings, presented by Marc

See the full pre-conference schedule

Read more here...

President's Message

Earlier this week, I toured some local Passive House projects with a visiting journalist.  Talking with the builders, I was reminded of the relatively quick evolution of high performance and low-energy load construction in the Pacific Northwest.  That evolution is a direct result of a community eager to share knowledge and experience in order to elevate us all, our standards, and our expectations.

Shared efforts were also underscored a few weeks before when, in late June, The Orchard’s Grand Opening heralded what can be accomplished when a hard-working team with a shared vision puts their shoulders to the wheel:  North America’s largest Passive House. (We’ll look forward to seeing that accomplishment exceeded, New York!)

The Pacific Northwest leads, in part, because we work together.  As one of the few North American regional Passive House organizations to support both the Passive House Institute and PHIUS, we support both organizations because we know that together we can accomplish more.

Onward -
Michelle Jeresek
President, PHNW


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