Thursday Conference Workshops

Workshop 1 - Intro to WUFI Passive $75.00 The workshop would be an introductory course on WUFI® Passive, the energy modeling software used for passive building design, and to verify compliance with the PHIUS+ 2015 (and soon PHIUS+ 2018) standard.

Workshop 2 - PHPP Variants  $75.00 - PHPP is a powerful building energy modelling that provides accurate predictions of building performance.  However, modelling multiple design options in PHPP can be tricky and/or time consuming.  In PHPPv9, the Passive House Institute introduced the Variants worksheet to help address this issue.  The Variants worksheet is a power tool that allows simultaneous modelling of multiple design options.  This workshop will explore how the Variants tool can be set up and used to achieve this and other objectives. Exercises will reinforce the learning.  The workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced PHPP users

Workshop 3 - Introduction to Passive House Seminar + Tour of Project $40.00 - Passive House 101 is an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of the Passive House standards. Presented by Passive House Northwest Board Member Dan Whitmore.

Workshop 4 - Architects' PH Crash Course: Designing the PHPP $75.00 - This workshop will help architects and designers become better intuitive Passive House designers, for all building types. We start with an overview of the PH design process, including siting, massing,envelope and systems design, with an emphasis on practical application and case studies. Next we’ll apply these lessons through a group design activity—focusing on building types of interest to the audience. We’ll then model these designs using a custom dashboard integrated with the PHPP revealing both the essential variables (envelope-to-floor-area ratio, window-to-wall ratios, shading, Rvalues, etc) and summary graphical results of the site energy balance, the specific heat demand, and the Primary Energy-Renewable. Through quick iterations and expert commentary participants will gain a deeper understanding of the interplay of architectural design and energy consumption.