A Window on the Future
                     Workshop for High‐Performance Windows

How do they work? Where to get them?

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, 2pm‐6pm ‐ Hear from our Panel of Envelope Professionals and Window Vendors. Then join the collaborative conversations to crystalize what you learn.

The Wood Technology Center of Seattle Central Community College
2310 South Lane St, Seattle, WA

Windows hold a key place in our homes and work places as they connect us to the outdoors, illuminate our daily life and protect us from heat and cold. How are thermal comfort, solar gain, cold air drafts, and heat loss managed by the physics of glazing, glass coatings, window frame design and window installation? Learn from major window companies how to plan and design for the future of your living space, whether you need new windows or want to restore and improve existing windows. Get a new outlook for your Window on the Future.

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